• Okay so I've owned a couple of JL Audio C2-650x's in order to tell the difference between these and the Polks Db's. Very well when I sold my old car the JL's selected it. I thought I would stretch your budget and buy 2 sets of such for about the same price as the C2's. I acquired a place of these Polks which are a lot better than my factory 08 Civic door speakers, no longer get me wrong, especially at $55. 00 they sound pretty good, If perhaps I was running the factory head unit they would be prolly would be ideal for me. Yet I'm running a Master AVH-X5500BHS now by the way. For me at least the Polks just don't have the audio I'm looking for. Happen to be the JL's very much better than the Polks for an extra $65 cash, I do believe so and here is why... First of all JL's have more mid bass sounds / sound cleaner, than the Polks at higher volume as where the Polks begin to get unbalanced. JL's sounds smoother too (more natural), this is where the, "you pay for what you get comes into play". The JL can also take good luck and appear a lot cleaner and most likely can last much longer (if your considering jogging an amp later or as your putting them in. If you noticed a guitar or keyboard use the C2's audio like a top quality instrument apposed to the Polks which have a slight tinging sound, kinda like a cheap instrument. If you never heard the JL's you most likely would not know. But I have heard them side by side so I know off first hand. Now i am giving the Polks 4 stars due to the price point and the simple fact they appear pretty darn good. Once again $55 bucks weight reduction go wrong here. Right now I want the best sound but at a good price I'm an audiophile nut, but cannot justify spending $500 on a set of door speakers now mater great they are. So Now i am returning the Db's and going to buy the JL C2's instead. We should also mention, please don't expect much low bass from any auto aftermarket speaker as they are meant for mid-bass and highs only. I'm working a JL 12w3v3 bass speaker too. I listen to EVERY kind of music therefore i want a loudspeaker that would it all.

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